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Trail Saddle
Saddle customers are fortunate these days to have many talented saddle makers to choose from, 
these guys and gals are building fine saddles that can easily be considered works of art,
 my hats off to them and I hope I am thought to be in that category.

However, some buyers need something more along the lines of a simple functioning tool. 
 I understand the need for a saddle that is utilitarian, functions, fits and is easily maintained. 
Having a good tool capable of performing the task at hand without getting in the way is essential for hard use,
 my experience being a hunting guide and packer and occasional cowboy has influenced the production of this kind of saddle. Fancy saddles can meet these requirements also but with added cost.

Here is an alternative
no corners are cut and will include a handmade Bob Ray tree, Hermann Oak leather, proper seat and riggin. 
 Rings for britchen, crupper, & breast collar. The stirrup leathers are free and twisted to assure comfort and balance.  

This saddle is a 16" seat, 14 1/2" X 12" cantle, is oiled and greased and ready to go to work.

Bob Ray Saddles will have these available in different seat sizes and will be built on slick fork and swell fork trees for horses and mules.

If you have any questions give us a call.

Thank you,   Bob Ray