Fine Traditional Horse Gear

      Hand built saddle trees set Bob Ray apart from the vast majority of saddle makers today, only a very small percentage of traditional craftsmen make thier own saddle trees.

      Bob chose to learn the art of hand built trees in order to provide a complete package for his clients.

      Our High Desert Saddle Trees are made from mid-western poplar and western fir; laminated forks and cantles strengthen the over-all tree as well as the mortise type joints that fit tops to bars, there is no need for wood putty as "filler" on these trees.

      Bob uses the best Bull-hides on the market as covering for the wood and will reinforce cantles and bars with fiberglass for the customer that requires extra strength for roping and ranch work.

      We take particular pride in the positive feedback regarding the "fit" of our trees, from our own saddle clients and other saddle makers who choose to build on a 
Bob Ray High Desert Saddle Tree.

      Most of the trees we build are for our own saddle clients and a few established saddlemakers who have used Bob Ray's trees for years.  If you're interested in having Bob build a tree please contact us regarding pricing and time to completion.